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Most online ice hockey bettors are on the lookout to improve their chances of making money. There are plenty of sports betting strategy guides and tips available if you are resourceful enough. As a punter, it is crucial to know these guides and tips.

Choose a reliable sportsbook.

There are many online betting sites that bettors tend to choose just any. It is imperative to pick a reputable and trusted sportsbook such as There are many reasons for doing this aside from the convenience. An excellent sportsbook lets you shop lines with ease. You get more betting options while enjoying a safe and secure experience. Look for a licensed sportsbook to take your ice hockey betting action.

Research and make comparisons.

Ice hockey is a team sport where players operate in pre-planned lines. They act as mini-teams within a team. The best thing to do when comparing two sides is to look at them as individual lines. Compare their successes and failures as a part of the entire team. After the comparison, check how these match up against the lines of the opponent. You can see some value that may not be evident when you look at team-wide stats. Look at as many of the small details as possible.

Take a closer look at power plays and penalties.

Power play goals for each team account for between 14-29% of their score. Compare both sides and look at how successful each is on power plays. Compare their success at killing power plays. Most punters are not looking into this data, which means you can find plenty of value others are missing. Most teams do not become a favorite even at full strength. But one on power plays can quickly become favored. It is also crucial to know how penalized the team is that struggles to kill the power play. It is a massive factor for a team that spends most of the game in time out. For a team that rarely get penalized, it does not matter at all.

Consider fatigue and schedules.

Ice hockey can be grueling and very tiring. It can take a grave toll on the body of most athletes. Most punters factor injuries into their bets, but they often overlook fatigue. Tired players tend to skate slower, hit softer, and produce less satisfying results. Avoid betting on tired teams and place a wager on the opponent for some easy value. Be wary of teams that played a lot of games in the past few days.