Planeta Calleja

Santi Millán has been one of the special guests of Planet Calleja program, directed and starred by the famous adventurer Jesus Calleja and broadcasted by Cuatro. The challenge Santi faced was to climb the Cervino Mount, one of the most dangerous mountains in the Alps with 4478 meters in height.

Santi accepted the challenge despite not knowing anything about climbing because he was in good physical shape after having participated in the Titan Desert. “At first it did not scare me, because I don’t know if I’m in good hands or because I am unconscious,” said the actor after deciding to participate in the climb.

But before the start, Santi underwent a hard training mentored by Calleja in the mountains Vegacervera and Peña Ubiña of Leon, before moving to the Alps to acclimatize to altitude training. Will Santi get to meet the challenge?

In this link you can enjoy the full program: