Imparables in the Cape Epic

The Cape Epic race harder MBT World , ended last Sunday after 7 hard races involving 37 Spanish riders, of which 16 were part of the team Unstoppable. A team has followed Zoopa producer Santi Millán and Josef Ajram throughout this adventure to record what will be the third installment of docutainment Imparables.

Santi Millán and Josef Ajram won a well deserved position 263 in the overall standings. The actor and the broker crossed the finish line with his teammates and Toni Gassó Antonio Perez. They were followed by another media partner team formed by Imparables Rafa Medina and Diego Sarasketa well as the tandem of Julia and Carlos Arnau Ortet .

Torrential rains and mud were the stars at various stages of this year’s Cape Epic with mechanical problems have been constant during all days of the test. Teamwork and camaraderie have made the Imparables whole team has overcome this new adventure.

After the race in step 7, the protagonists of Imparables, Josef Ajram and Santi Millán received, at the hands of José Hermida, finishers medal before a crowd of fans waiting for them on arrival.

If you took more pictures of the race enters the Facebook of Imparables