‘Chiringuito de Pepe’

Sergi Roca (Santi Millán) is considered the ‘Mozart of the kitchen’, a genius in the cuisine of the XXI century. He has brought four of its seven restaurants among the five best in the world and accumulate a dozen Michelin stars.

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However, the life of this renowned chef takes a turn when, before he died, his father makes him an unexpected confession: he is not really his father, but the son of the owner of a beach restaurant in Peniscola about to go bankrupt. Sergi should make sure that the place of his real family can revive.

This is the plot of the ‘Chiringuito de Pepe’ the series starred by Santi Millán that Telecinco broadcast Mondays at 22.30.

According to Santi Millán, series “is like a combo plate with many ingredients: comedy, feelings, great characters… A combo dish to everyone, made with care, affection and enthusiasm”.

The ‘Chiringuito de Pepe’ leads Monday night audience without competitor and was the best released Spanish Telecinco series since February 2005. The first episode was watched by 4,656,000 viewers reaching a 24.6% share screen.