Santi Millán is a known actor and television presenter. He trained at the Col · legi del Teatre of Barcelona. His beginnings in showbiz were in the theater of the hand of the successful company La Cubana where with only 20 years managed to carve out as an actor traveling around Spain with his shows: Cubanadas a la Carta, Cómeme el coco negro, Cubana Marathon Dancing, Cegada de amor and much more.

After working for a decade in La Cubana, Millan decided to make the leap to the small screen and tab by producer The Terrat, where he began working in television programs highlighting as showman and presenter: Una altra cosa, A pel tour, The Comedy Club or Buenafuente.

In 2007, Millán created his own producer company Zoopa (Zoo Partners Entertaintment) with the producer and his friend Carlos Ortet, then they created TV shows like Boqueria 357 or UAU!, Its completion as late night star of Cuatro.

Millán combines parallel his career as a presenter on television with his most personal and recognized actor successful series as Journalists, 7 Lives, simulators, Question of Gender, Hermanos y detectives, Lex or fragile. Following the success of last summer latter in private broadcaster Telecinco, is scheduled filming the second season. Millan has appeared in numerous films: Lysistrata, Vivancos, Torrente II, Love seriously damage your health, Knots, Love Fool, Say yes, going to be that nobody is perfect, Fermat’s Room, Rivals, Mil Cretins, Bruc or Only two, the last film directed by Roberto Santiago and to be released soon in Spain.

Santi Millán is undoubtedly one of the most versatile of our country and proof of this is one of the last faces you’ve seen it like a duck to water this past year doubling an alien in Paul or a cheeky teddy TED stuffed.

Currently the actor combines his professional life as an actor with his love of sport, the result of the current documentary emerged emitidopor Unstoppable Energy, a program that recounted his experience competing in the dunes along the Titan Desert Josef Ajram.

In recent years we have seen a Millán in the facet which is more comfortable, as a stage actor with many shows that have been around for the best theaters in the country: Wanted, beyond the bridge with actress Marta Torné or personal project and irreverent Santi Millan Live!, a show where the actor and returns to the stage to provide a macro-concert spectacular that after the first act is dismantled to become a hilarious comedy, full of interaction public, musical numbers, and many surprises today.