Santi Millán has been one of the special guests of Planet Calleja program, directed and starred by the famous adventurer Jesus Calleja and broadcasted by Cuatro. The challenge Santi faced was to climb the Cervino Mount, one of the most dangerous mountains in the Alps with 4478 meters in height.

Santi accepted the challenge despite not knowing anything about climbing because he was in good physical shape after having participated in the Titan Desert. “At first it did not scare me, because I don’t know if I’m in good hands or because I am unconscious,” said the actor after deciding to participate in the climb.

But before the start, Santi underwent a hard training mentored by Calleja in the mountains Vegacervera and Peña Ubiña of Leon, before moving to the Alps to acclimatize to altitude training. Will Santi get to meet the challenge?

In this link you can enjoy the full program:

The ‘Chiringuito de Pepe’ returns in September to Telecinco screen with the goal of becoming a landmark restaurant in Peniscola and throughout the Mediterranean coast. The series starred by Santi Millán in the role of renowned chef Sergi Roca, best first release Spanish Telecinco series since 2005 and leader of the Monday night audience, take a well-deserved holiday break.

In the following video you can enjoy a preview of what we can see on Telecinco from September.

In the series, Santi Millán plays Sergi Roca, considered the best chef in the world with 12 Michelin stars and four of its seven restaurants in the Top 5 worldwide. However, his life takes a turn when he has to take over a beach restaurant in Peniscola that is about to fall into bankrupt.

You can see all the ‘Chiringuito de Pepe’ chapters in high quality in Mitele

Santi Millán is joined in the cast by Jesus Bonilla, who plays chef Pepe Leal; ‘El Langui’, who plays the son of Pepe, Vicente Leal; Blanca Portillo, in the role of Mariana the fisher; and Dafne Fernandez, who gives life to Mati, a cook of Sergi Roca team that moved with him to Peniscola.

Sergi Roca (Santi Millán) is considered the ‘Mozart of the kitchen’, a genius in the cuisine of the XXI century. He has brought four of its seven restaurants among the five best in the world and accumulate a dozen Michelin stars.

You can see all the ‘Chiringuito de Pepe’ chapters in high quality in Mitele

However, the life of this renowned chef takes a turn when, before he died, his father makes him an unexpected confession: he is not really his father, but the son of the owner of a beach restaurant in Peniscola about to go bankrupt. Sergi should make sure that the place of his real family can revive.

This is the plot of the ‘Chiringuito de Pepe’ the series starred by Santi Millán that Telecinco broadcast Mondays at 22.30.

According to Santi Millán, series “is like a combo plate with many ingredients: comedy, feelings, great characters… A combo dish to everyone, made with care, affection and enthusiasm”.

The ‘Chiringuito de Pepe’ leads Monday night audience without competitor and was the best released Spanish Telecinco series since February 2005. The first episode was watched by 4,656,000 viewers reaching a 24.6% share screen.

On Sunday May 18 ended the first edition of La Rioja Bike Race by Gaes in Logroño. Santi Millán, ran with Forté Pharma team, title sponsor of the race during the first two stages, but unfortunately, Santi had to leave the race in the third stage by mechanical problems.

This first meeting of cyclists in Logroño has been a success both organizational and test participation. Over 200km divided in 3 stages, with 760 participants from 14 different countries. The good weather has been present throughout the trial, which has allowed the runners to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the area.

During the evening before the start of the race, Millán along with four-time winner of the Tour of Spain, Roberto Heras, were in the booth Fair Forté Pharma Corridor serving the media interested in interviewing and making photographs the photobooth sponsor prepared for all attendees who passed by the booth.

Also, after the first stage, the riders were invited by GAES to a private screening of Unstoppable docuntaiment South Africa with Josef Ajram and Santi Millán as protagonists. Over 500 people enjoyed the exclusive premiere was screened in theaters July Infantes de Logroño prior to the premiere of Monday May 19 at Teledeporte.

Santi Millán, RACC partner for 14 years, was interviewed last March by the RACC Magazine, Magazine disabled, motor, travel and services partner.

The RACC, with over 1,000,000 members, is the largest automobile club in Spain and a leader in the field of mobility entity.

The pictures of the photo shoot of the interview were taken by photographer José Irun – You can see this photo shoot.

Santi Millán stars in a new adventure docuntaiment ”Imparables” running the Costa Brava Rally, a rally of classic cars which takes place since 1953 and is one of the heats for the FIA Trophy 50.” This new format ”Imparables” engine combines culture, entertainment and sports and competitive values​​.

Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of SEAT IBIZA, Santi Millán, brand ambassador climbs to seventh SEAT Ibiza car coming off the assembly line, to deal with Fernando Salvador, Director of Communications at SEAT, this new adventure.

Santi Millán currently parked bicycle to ride a classic car at a very different sporting event to which the actor has played so far.